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Our business model

Our business model is about improving our customers' profitability based on our deep understanding and need.

Scania’s business model is about improving?our customers’ profitability based on our?deep understanding of their needs.


We take a holistic view of our customers’?transport flows, taking into account both?the needs of our customers (transport?companies) as well as the demands of their?customers (buyers of transport services).


By doing so, we can tailor solutions?to eliminate waste and inefficiency?throughout the entire flow, based on?our three-pillar approach to sustainable?transport. Through this?we increase customer revenue while?driving down customer costs.


The solutions we provide include vehicles?and services, optimised for our customers’?operations to improve fuel efficiency and?maximise the vehicles’ time in operation.?Providing tailored solutions in this way?requires a close dialogue with our?customers, built on trust and often based?on long-term relationships.


At Scania, we see value for our customers?and value for our business as integrally?linked. We are only successful when our?customers are successful. Our ability?to deliver for our customers defines?our brand and ensures that Scania can?keep making a profit.