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Our service network

Tailored services are integral to Scania’s?offering. A largely captive service network?allows for direct contact with our customers?and an insight into their needs in their?specific market and business.

With our?dealers and workshops strategically?located along transport routes and near?logistics centres, we ensure our customers?obtain the help they need. Quick access to?parts, speedy repairs, driver training and?tailor-made maintenance plans are among?the services Scania offers to enhance?the vehicles’ performance and the?customers’ profitability.


Today, Scania has more than 430,000?connected vehicles, and that number is?rapidly increasing. The connected fleet?provides a platform for expanding the?service offering and increasing its degree?of customisation. The critical mass of?data allows us to develop sales tools?and intelligent services that lower fuel?consumption, maximise uptime and?improve overall efficiency. As the shift?to sustainable transport continues and?new transport technologies emerge,?our data-driven service network will?play an ever more important role in?creating value for our customers.